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Notion Planner : Second Brain 5.0 🧠

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Stay Organized, Productive & Motivated with Second Brain 5.0

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Inside the Second Brain 5.0 ↓

  • Productivity Dashboard

  • Mobile Optimization

  • PARA Method

  • Task Manager

  • Projects Manager

  • Goals Tracker System

  • Resources
  • Note & Ideas Capture
  • Journaling

  • Life Habits Trackers

  • Life Areas
  • Topics Page

  • Books tracker

  • Focus mode

  • Advanced Productivity Features
  • 4 Progress Charts
  • 2 Video Tutorials

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Why Choose Second Brain 5.0❓

  • All you need in one place: Instead of juggling between multiple apps for productivity, now you can track habits, journal, and plan your day and week—all in one spot.
  • Capturing: Say goodbye to keeping ideas in your head. Save them in your second brain and review them later, whether it's a note or a resource.
  • Design: Second Brain 5.0 is designed to be minimal and simple, with calming colors and integrated soothing music. (Or you can add your own!)
  • Direction: Second Brain 5.0 helps you set your life goals, guiding your direction. With its built-in system, you'll reach them faster.
  • Features: We've included advanced features to keep you motivated and productive, like Daily Tasks progress which calculates your daily progress through completing your tasks, and other features
  • Productivity Systems: This Notion Planner includes The PARA method from Tiago Forte, which connects everything in your system to each other, making it easy for you to access them
  • Updates: you'll receive any tiny or big updates we add to the template.
  • Customer Support: If you need any help with setting up your template or any question we're here to respond to you 24 hours
  • Versions: We created 3 versions of the Second Brain, choose the one that suits you more, you could go basic and get the essential setup with Second Brain 3.0, or go further and Get the Ultimate Version

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Is this worth $49.99?

You may spend $49, but you'll have access to a powerful Second Brain that will help you stay productive and help you achieve your goals. And for lifetime use.

How will I receive this template?

After purchase, you'll get a button to get the template link and duplicate notion page to your workspace.

How much time will it take to set up this Notion template?

Setting up this Notion template is not that easy, It may take you some hours, But you have to do it only once in your life, and don't worry we include video tutorials to help you set it up.

Can I share this Template with Others?

No, This is a personal license for individual use only.

Should I know the advanced tools of Notion?

No, but at least you should know the basics of Noiton like how to use pages, properties, and relations, the basics stuff. Don't worry we included video tutorials.

Can I refund the template?

Refunding in the world of the digital world is quite hard. Due Is that once it is purchased it's impossible to turn it back. But we're confident, that we can serve you in the best way.

How can I become an affiliate?

click here to fill out the affiliate form.

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Notion Planner : Second Brain 5.0 🧠

151 ratings
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