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Notion Planner : GTD (Getting things done)

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What's included in the GTD System ❓

  • Gtd Projects
  • GTD Tasks
  • Navigation & Quick Actions
  • Goals
  • GTD Areas
  • Resources
  • Progress chart (keep in mind you should create this progress chart)


Is this really worth $9.99?

By investing just $9.99, you can access the incredible superpower of having GTD. You'll have instant access to an organized way of life that normally takes countless time-consuming hours to build from scratch. and also 19$ is too cheap for a GTD template if you look in the market the most selling GTD Templates are over 29$.

Take the chance now!

How I will receive this template?

After purchase, you'll get a button to get the template link, and after that duplicate notion page to your workspace.

Can I share this Template with Others?

No, This is a personal license for individual use only.

How can I become an affiliate?

click here to fill out the affiliate form.

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Notion Planner : GTD (Getting things done)

110 ratings
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